Shop 5 Parknorth Heights, 17 4th Avenue, Parktown North.

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& Conditions

Est Est Alea is located at:
Shop 5, Parknorth Heights, 17 Fourth Avenue, Parktown North.
GPS co-ordinates:
The contact telephone number 082 422 8158

Kindly take note of the Terms and conditions of reservations at Est Est Alea.


  • Kindly note that Est Est Alea is located at: Parktown North, viz. Shop 5, Parknorth Heights, 17 Fourth Avenue, Parktown North, GPS co-ordinates –
  • The contact telephone number is 082 422 8158.
  • The number of guests indicated on the reservation is accepted as the final number of attendees for the reservation.
  • If the guest numbers change we require notification via email to
  • A reservation reminder email is sent a day before the reservation between 08:00 and 08:30. This is the last opportunity to change guest numbers. If notification has not been sent via email to by 6pm the day before for lunch reservations and 11am of the morning of the reservation, the final number of guests will be charged as it appears on the reservation.
  • Increase in guest numbers is subject to availability. If we are fully booked we will not be able to increase guest numbers.
  • No shows on the day of the reservation will be charged at the quoted menu price which appears on the quoted menu rate in the reservations page on our website at
  • NO exceptions will be made.
  • EST EST ALEA will take reservations of a maximum of 8 people per table.


  • Est Est Alea is open for dinner Tuesday through to Saturday – Doors open at 19h00 (last reservation 19h30). And Saturday Lunch from 13h00 (last reservation 14h00).
  • An average meal at Est Est Alea requires a minimum of 2 hours and is not guaranteed to finish within this time frame.
  • Est Est Alea allows for late arrivals until 20H00 on the night of the reservation for dinner and 14h00 for Saturday lunch. 


  • Est Est Alea relies on a relaxed dining experience so no formal dress code is required.
  • Guests are encouraged to come dressed as they feel comfortable.


Dinner is offered from 19h00 onwards, and Saturday Lunch is offered from 13h00 onwards. R525/head for our Menu excluding gratuity (charged at discretionary 8%).


  • R260.00 MENU WINE PAIRING (Minimum 3 wines and a dessert wine poured with your meal)

The ingredients on the menus and the wines on the wine list are subject to availability.

Any life-threatening allergies must be notified to us within 24 hours of your reservation, as dietary changes cannot be accommodated on the day.


  • Vegetarian alternatives are available for those who do not eat proteins.
  • We are unable to cater for Vegan, Gluten and Lactose intolerances.
  • We are also unable to cater for garlic or onion free dietaries.
  • Allergies of a more well-known variety are catered for. These include nuts and seafood.
  • Up to a point religious dietary requirements can be catered for.
  • If there is an allergy of a lesser known origin, guests are required to inform us via email and we will revert if we can assist.
  • Guests with a dislike for an ingredient on the menus are to select a choice where the ingredient is not present.
  • For large table reservations we recommend forwarding this to all attendees so they are aware and can contact Est Est Alea directly via email on


  • Est Est Alea accepts most major credit cards, cash, and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) .
  • Forex is accepted in the form of cash and is at the discretion of Management. Forex rates are not pre determined.


Alcoholic beverages are indicated as pairings to the meal for wine suggestion and wine pairing options. These indications are subjective.

  • No preference is shown to any particular varietal or wine producer or merchant.
  • Est Est Alea is licensed.
  • BYO is now available, however only one bottle of wine per person will be allowed, this does not extend to beers, soft drinks, spirits or any other beverage apart from wine. Est Est Alea will not allow cooler boxes within the restaurant. Should you wish to do BYO EEA will provide you with one glass per person and an ice bucket for white wines. Your wine will be opened by your waiter, and will be provided to you at the table where you will be able to manage the pouring of your own wine.
  • Est Est Alea has a fully-stocked bar with a premium selection of beers, spirits, shooters, etc.and guests may order these from the bar.


  • Est Est Alea stocks a full range of mixers, soft drinks and non alcoholic beverages.


  • Est Est Alea endeavours at all times to treat each guest’s dining experience as a special occasion.
  • Should guests wish to bring their own cake, food gift or celebration item, Est Est Alea requires prior notification.


  • If guests have left any items behind, these will be kept in storage for one week for guests to claim.
  • Est Est Alea does not accept responsibility for any items of value handed over during the night that may be lost, damaged, stolen or misplaced.


  • Est Est Alea is a non smokingrestaurant and guests who smoke are advised to do so outside the restaurant and away from any doors, windows or external coverings.
  • In accordance with Health and Safety, Est Est Alea does not allow food to be taken off the premises in the form of left overs, doggy bags or uneaten item.
  • Est Est Alea accepts all reservations on the premise that we are able to offer guests an overall dining experience, equally and unprejudiced in accordance to our standards.
  • If for any unforeseen reason due to power loss, water shortage or any other reason beyond our control, Est Est Alea is unable to provide this, Est Est Alea reserves the right to cancel reservations and reschedule.

We look forward to hosting your dining experience.

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