Shop 5 Parknorth Heights, 17 4th Avenue, Parktown North.

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De Angeli - Chef Owner

Dario began his culinary career at a young age. Never really inspired by school Dario was more interested in the more practical side of life and held down his first job in the kitchen whilst still in his final year of school. When he graduated from high school he worked at a small Italian restaurant in the kitchen – understanding the fundamentals of good honest Italian food. Growing up in an Italian household meant this was second nature.

But still wanting to understand and know more Dario spent many a day off at the book store researching as much as he could on cooking techniques, different ingredients and plating styles. And for this he managed to bag himself a Sous Chef position in an upmarket Norwood restaurant (Litchfields).

From there Dario found his stride and revolutionised the culinary world working in and owning a few establishments. His most memorable being Yum restaurant in Greenside where many accolades were won. After Yum Dario needed a recharge and so set off on a culinary journey around the world eating at the to 50 Restaurants.

Coming back he found himself inspired to start something new and unique, and the idea of Cube Tasting Kitchen was born. Running that for 8 successful years, Dario needed to re-invent Cube and so came the evolution to Est Est Alea. Shifting fundamentals with more of a focus on the food and flavours rather than the techniques, Dario has created a space where the restaurant is the canvas and the food is the art.

Dario De Angeli

De Angeli - Director

Having spent 22 years in Digital Marketing working in the UK for nearly 15 years and 10 years in South Africa on mainly automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley and Toyota, Lara decided it was time for a change in career path.

Always involved in the hospitality industry through her brother Dario, Lara decided to join the restaurant on a full time basis in 2018. She found her niche in wines and is the restaurants “unqualified sommelier” as well as front of house and all things marketing (who would have thought 22 years in an industry would have proved handy).

Lara choses to seek out wines that are unique, sometimes once off, but most of all compliment the food. She likes to play homage to our local hero’s and chooses to only serve local wines (wines you wouldn’t normally find in your local “offie” – bottle store).


Du Plessis - Chef

Mitchel met Dario on the golf course whilst he was still in school, where Mitchel expressed an interest in pursuing a career as a chef. Dario’s immediate instinct was to suggest to Mitchel that he rather pursue his golf, but couldn’t deny this young man’s desire. So suggested that when he graduated Mitchel come and do a stint in the kitchen. Well the rest is history!

Mitchel took to cooking like a duck to water and has been running the kitchen under Dario’s guidance ever since.

Mitchel and Dario still get the odd game or two of golf in, and Mitchel has caddied for a South African golfer in the 2018/19 South African open. Whilst Mitchel still enjoys golf his true love is in the kitchen making some fantastic dishes and taking pride in explaining the techniques and flavours to the guests.