Dear guests and fans of EEA
As the impact of the Coronavirus situations worsens locally and worldwide, our thoughts go out to those affected by it.
However, as a small business it is difficult for us to close our doors for the foreseeable future.
In response to the Premier’s address regarding the current lockdown level 4, we have taken additional precautions to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests and our family of staff.
Amongst our standard hygiene practices, the following additional actions have been taken:
  • We have closed seating at the restaurant and will be offering delivery.
  • We are putting a greater deal of emphasis on the procedures that support our high standards in the areas of cleanliness and health.
  • We are ensuring that our excellent handwashing practices are rigorously followed.
  • We have a very small compliment of staff (2 in total all of whom live alone and travel in their own vehicle between the restaurant and their home) however we will strictly require staff who don’t feel well to stay home from work, and we will be temperature testing staff before, during and after their shift
  • Although we frequently disinfect commonly touched surfaces in all areas of our restaurants, we will be increasing this frequency
  • We will have additional hand sanitisers available, for delivery.
Every day, we hold ourselves to very high cleanliness and health standards that are designed to maintain a safe and healthy environment in our restaurant. In addition, we remain vigilant in learning more about this disease by monitoring developments closely and keeping informed of additional recommendations from public health agencies.
At Est Est Alea, we are committed to doing what’s right to protect our guests and staff, and to do our part in preventing transmission of Coronavirus. To this we have completely changed our offering to reduce the price, change working hours and ensure that our small team is well versed in the handling of food collection, sorting and preparing and we trust all the organisations we buy from are doing the same.
Thank you to our loyal guests for your continued confidence and trust in our people and our company.
Dario De Angeli
Chef/Owner EEA